strong entity is after physical silver

skoro już się pojawilem na Forum to dorzuce jeszcze to bo tak sobie o fizycznym sreberku caly czas rozmyslam.

The total OI for silver was even more baffling to our bankers. With silver falling on its sword to finish in the low 29’s one would have thought that many silver longs would throw in the towel. Nope!! The total OI actually rose by 1410 contractions from 112,139 to 113,549. Both Ted Butler and I agree that some strong entity is after physical silver. There is no other explanation for this. The front delivery month of May also shocked our bankers. The OI actually rose by 3 contracts (from 406 to 409 contracts) despite the huge downfall in the silver price. Nobody liquidated. I wish the regulators can explain this phenomena to us.”